Offline-Marketing – Gestaltung und Layout für Printwerbung

Internet, smartphone, social media – almost everything is online today. Marketing has become an integral part of the Internet. Is that why print advertising is outdated? We say NO. Or is print currently still usable in marketing? We say YES. Even in times of the Internet and digitalization, print advertising is still an important and powerful instrument: Print is still alive and kicking and allows the reader to pick up the product at the right time. And yet or precisely because of this we link the print media with the digital media, since each medium has its justification and is differently suitable for different messages.

Our services:

  • Concept development
  • logo design
  • catchphrase
  • commercial papers
  • business cards
  • forms
  • flyer
  • pamphlets
  • complete product catalogues
  • billboard
  • advertisements in newspapers and magazines
  • vehicle design
  • outdoor advertisement
  • CI manuals

“Life is three-quarters about being seen.”

– Woody Allen